what we're about

Piece of Mind for our Patients, Doctors and Investors

Quality Assurance - (extensive R&D to test and rate products for quality and consistency as well as results)

Premium Brands - (endorse brands that comply with CA AB 266 regulations)

Product Education - (we strive to educate on products to ensure proper dosing and help patients medicate responsibly)

MAD Men - (our goal is to destigmatize cannabis for its medicinal properties through advertising)

Cannabinoids x Terpenes - (ailment guides to help our patients find the right medicine for their illness)

Low Risk / High Reward - (like a LEASE on a car, sometimes you just want to rent a BRAND NAME that PATIENTS will TRUST)

Committed to providing the best medicine and customer service to our patients.  We study the history as well as the different cultures in the world of cannabis.

We believe in the medicine, and MAD fanatics of the brands.

We look for products with a consistency in quality, packaging, and purpose.

First Time Business Owners in this Industry? We can help. 

Let us show you all the medicinal properties of cannabis that soon will create a paradigm shift in the pharmaceutical industry.

MAD Fuego, Inc is a CA Medical Marijuana Non-for-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation,
Operating as a California Compassionate Use Collective, in Compliance with CA Prop 215,
SB420 and Section 11362.5 and 11362.7 of California Health and Safety Code.