about us

A couple years before Prop 64, our founder managed a Prop 215 MMJ Collective in NoHo that serviced the entire San Fernando Valley and Hollywood.  In one year, the competition had grown threefold and to stand out he started investing in graphic design, which he then learned Photoshop on his own, and over-time evolved into a creative cannabis company merged with marketing and consulting, as well as distribution/outside sales.  This opened the opportunity to design cannabis magazine spreads, cannabis e-commerce, cannabis brand development, as well as animated ads for dispensaries and cultivators.

With a background as cannabis consumers, cannabis B2B sales reps, cannabis retail managers and marketers, we are able to give your cannabusiness a unique and genuine aesthetic for your BRAND to STAND OUT!  

MADFuego Media is our digital media company born and raised in the cannabis industry.  We strive to provide piece of mind to our clients with education and design.  No other media company loves cannabis like we do, and very few designers have had the privilege to deliver/budtend to severely ill-patients whose lives have changed for the positive with cannabis.  We medicate to educate and know our terpenes and cannabinoids as well as how they interact with our endocannabinoid system.  We are well versed in the latest cannabis consumer trends, brands, packaging regulations, and methods of consumption.  We're a collective network of cannabis business experts, sales reps and designers that help us, help you, build your best BRAND.

If your business needs designs from another industry, please do not be intimidated.  The cannabis industry has taught us to think outside the box.  With so many bans, restrictions and regulations, creatives have had to invent indirect-marketing by directing traffic to other sources that reciprocated the attention.  Brand development translates the same throughout all industries and we can help you STAND OUT from the crowd with DESIGN.

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Madness.After.Dark is our creative team with the sole mission to intertwine commerce with DESIGN.  Initially, the only time available to design were late nights after the dispensary was closed.  Having to operate from 11am-11pm and designing from 11pm to 4am on a daily basis caused some sleepless nights, thus coining the name "madness after dark".  We still work late nights though.  We discovered thats when the magic happens.

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@madfuego_official is our social media account dedicated to destigmatize cannabis and build a bridge for patients to discover their favorite brands worldwide.

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We do extensive R&D testing on all products we endorse and look for quality assurance, consistency, effects and medicinal properties.  We believe cannabis will create a paradigm shift in the pharmaceutical industry and we work hard to stay in the forefront.